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Minor conversations cost you far more than you have ever counted.
When did you last look at your own totals, in the hundreds of thousands?
That's right: hundreds of thousands of stupid minutes that you could be doing.
This is just from the many petty conversations you still use to stall your excellence.
Trim even ten seconds from each unproductive conversation, immediately, get paid fast.
It is impossible for this incredible shortcut to fail; you can only fail to implement it repeatedly.
One simple shortcut, used every day, and you free up hundreds of thousands of your minutes.
Above and beyond everything else, use each of your PowerGems repeatedly.

Raise your expectations from the inside out, this minute, not next.
Every time you do you produce better results. This is a magnificent PowerGem of life.

If you knew better, you'd do better, true?   Listen to those who do and are.

You remember something about the mouth of the horse?
Grandpa knew that score.
He'd say, "Get it from the horse's mouth,
or get caught at the wrong end of the horse."

Book of A1 Life Secrets is YOUR Book of A1 Life Secrets,
your own personal place on the web to meet with your own coach and cheerleader,
where the Godfather of Shortcuts uses interactive fun, EyeCandy, to promote your success.
Showing us what you can do is so much more impressive than telling us what you can do.
Do you understand that you've only achieved the tiniest fraction of why you are here at all?
With several million unpaid minutes of superlative focus building Book of A1 Life Secrets
here's proof right in front of your eyes of the power and fruit of using great shortcuts.

When is it your turn to enjoy a better life?   Any reason to wait?
Using any one or two of the PowerGems within Book of A1 Life Secrets repeatedly
is guaranteed to produce faster and better results for you.   Let's do it, hm?

Book of A1 Life Secrets is a part of the mother of all websites,
the Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires.
Free for your life, MisterShortcut hopes you find
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You already know that what goes up must come down, that what goes around comes around.
Today presents any number of opportunities for you, some you see, plenty that pass you by.
Today, the Psychology of Shortcuts solicits your interest in developing your excellence.
So, pretend that today is that day in which you earn annual money in each work-hour.
Today is your focus, not the next 100 days of repeating and improving what you do today.
You can do it for 22 days, 100 days, 1000 days or more, provided you do it, fully, in THIS today.
What you do plays a distant second fiddle to what you do with what you know, demanding you do more.
When you awaken the Psychology of Shortcuts within you, you are going to be positively electrified, as a habit.
When you imitate the best, the masters and millionaires, the champions and billionaires, you tend to imitate their results.
It is your day, your turn, your Psychology of Shortcuts, your hunger driving the determination of how successful you will be today.

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Empower people to empower themselves, effectively teaching us all to help.
The helpless of the world, humans and creatures, all within air, sea, land,
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Share the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity today.
Help to even up the playing field, living a life that lives beyond you.

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What better opportunitity is there than today?
With 1,440 separate opportunities,
everything beyond big action
is basically small talk.

Designed for your self-empowerment The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the best Book of A1 Life Secrets,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here, the Book of A1 Life Secrets is free for your life.

The Book of A1 Life Secrets is offered as as one of the world's healthiest websites, and best overall source of shortcuts.
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A goal of the Book of A1 Life Secrets is for you to find the healthiest shortcuts and health tips of Longevity,
using them endlessly to live healthier and wealthier, live happier and more fulfilled with these healthier tips.
The Book of A1 Life Secrets is a big portion of the largest and most empowering Book of A1 Life Secrets.

The Book of A1 Life Secrets is self-explanatory, pursuing the best information on health and Longevity,
sharing the methods and secrets of long-lived people. Good health is augmented by good information.
The more we learn, the stronger, the longer we tend to live. You deserve to live longer.

Embracing the Book of A1 Life Secrets means working WITH your doctor so you can fire your doctor.
All of these hundreds of thousands of Book of A1 Life Secrets pages, packed with healthy tips,
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The idea at each site is for you to live stronger for longer, using the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
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Learn more in order to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the so-called secrets, and the EyeCandy here at the Book of A1 Life Secrets,
and the most empowering website we might find, Book of A1 Life Secrets.
With your mind in mind,

  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   Remember 911day.  
  Remember 911day.   LIVE the dreams we shared     Live & Give more!     

Welcome to the largest, most empowering website on earth.
All because I believe in you personally.
Welcome to the Circle of Winners - largest source of success and achievement shortcuts.

  Remember 911day.     Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   
  Keep our heroes alive by   LIVING,   DOING  more!   Remember 911day.  

remember 911day
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Naturopath: a smarter way to go, as demonstrated by those who live stronger for longer

"Naturopath."  The word sounds nicer than "Medical Doctor," one who is highly trained in selling drugs.
Did you know that every medical student's journey includes YEARS of studying and memorizing drug sales catalogs?
You don't have to believe the Book of A1 Life Secrets. Ask any medical student who cannot pass without doing so.
Do you know that medical students are not taught as naturopaths are, that health challenges have natural answers?
Insanity is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different results. Insanity does reign today.
It is perfectly insane to train M.D.'s only to pursue symptoms with toxic chemicals, rather than aping naturopaths.
There is no chance of getting a better result, which explains why thousands die in the U.S. every day obeying M.D's.
You do not need to accept the assurance of the Book of A1 Life Secrets that doctors are the 3rd-largest cause of death.
Close your mouth and do the research. We understand your wish to defend your son or daughter's decision to be an M.D.
The problem is that we can now document up to sixteen patients being sickened, injured, or killed, obeying their M.D.'s.
The approach of the naturopath is the only rational way you can expect to live stronger for longer: NATURALLY!
That does not mean that all naturopaths are competent, or, for that matter, guaranteed to be moral and honest.
Because the lifetime efforts of a naturopath are known in advance to yield non-financial rewards and payoffs,
there is a statistically higher probability that your local naturopath is in fact more "moral" than your M.D.
If your M.D. is willing to live a life of luxury earned from consulting with sick children and poor people,
then your M.D. is proving their commitment far louder with their actions than their words, as it for all of us.
Instead of wasting time debating an unnecessary point, does it not make far more sense to be your own naturopath?
You do not need to study drug catalogs for years and years, because a naturopath is not about to use toxic chemicals.
If the pharmaceutical drug was safe, it would not be sold behind the counter, or require the signature of an M.D., right?
Whether or not YOU understand it, the naturopath does, which is the guiding force underlying all naturopathic remedies.
If your doctor was all that good, why are you overweight, unhealthy, and addicted to pharmaceuticals?
Learn more and you are likely to live more, when you practice what you learn... naturally.

Naturopaths use natural means: means, methods, and materials provided by nature, enhanced by technology.

If you have a wish to become your own naturopath, wean yourself first by consulting with your primary care provider.
Learning to become your own naturopath gets easier as the internet makes more information available.
Take advantage of these opportunities to learn. Think what you save in becoming your own naturopath.
Saving money is the least of what you save in learning how to be your own do-it-yourself naturopath.
You save time, thousands of precious minutes NOT travelling and waiting and stressing yourself.
It may very well be your own life that you save, becoming your own naturopath!
Among other things, M.D.'s do NOT success as often as naturopaths do.     Naturopathic-Doctor.US     Naturopathic-Physician.US

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, is a naturopath. Although you can call 718 627 - 7272 for an appointment,
Dr Cohen, himself one of the world's great naturopaths, urges YOU to become your own naturopath.
Learn more and live more with the Book of A1 Life Secrets and thousands of other resources.